Texan Journey



Eat Meat







Shot time


Texas weird


Texas, San Antonio/Austin 2010


Cairo Photo Blog


The Watch Seller


Dancer amongst antique

Camera show

Um Kulthum

Water gypsy's

The opera house

waiting for rehearsal

Miami Theatre - our platform

Opening Night - Cairo International Festival for Experimentation Theatre



Fire Poi

Standing on my roof listening to the silence of the night and the power of the burn as it flickers and turns… Lets play with fire and see how she curls.  Snapping the picture, not knowing how to stop, my eyes glittered as the flame went up.. Round and round, his stare against mine, all i wanted was the fire, flame, burn to be mine…

playing with fire

“Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself.” #Mark Twain

Playing with fire

Playing with fire

Playing with fire

Playing with fire

Playing with fire

Playing with fire

His name is Ali Ramahi….

“The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.”  #George Carlin

Beiruts Flipside

The camps

Yassins humble home

alleyways of the camps

Walls of Word


sunset over camps



religion barred


Gorillaz in concert = insane


tight alley ways


Shoot the Freak on Coney Island??!?!?

New York New York you call my name

the years that past without me hearing ur subway train

through the peek hole

an atom standing in the middle of your thunderous ways

buzzing by day, crazy by night..the freaks that linger

in the oh so dead of night!

shadowy light

F.U.C.K the recession seems to be the slogan of the day

yet your streets are busier and bustier than a 1950’s cabaret dancer

bums and hobos litter your streets with signs that make the public weep

your people angrier and harsher like a gang of wolves about to tear into their meat

Shoot the freak on Coney Island, play it safe in Harlem, walk the wires of Brooklyn bridge and touch the clouds on top of the Empire state!

Broadway all smiles, but as the money trickles through, their pockets are filled with flies…

New York New York such a wondrous place..

money bill

Get lost and your head starts to fill with a sense of maze..

You the Big Apple

A lit sparkle that fizzles into the glorious mornings haze…

Mr. Brain wash

Stencils by the beach..

After the 3 month hectic yet very stimulating performance a trip to a deserted beach side off the coast of Egypt – Sinai was well deserved!

A hut, beach and the calmness of the ocean was just what the doctor ordered.  Packed with a duffel bag of swim wear, tanning lotion, sleeping bags, torch lights and of course the company of a very talented stencil artist Mr. The Daily Take that had with him his beloved spray paint and cool stencil work..

4 days and 3 nights of sleep, sunshine and the aroma of spray paint here is the final result –

“Tango” name of the deserted resort!

Foot Stencil on the beach!

Bungalow tagging stencil…

And the hard core stenciling begins…


Aramram’s trailer

Almost 3 months and the physical journey of “Prisons” is finally over…

Heres a short trailer a very cool Jordanian website – www.aramram.com– did when they came to interview us and watch the marathon ridden play we did.

Here’s what they put together~


For those who dont understand Arabic- well its visually entertaining…

Love x