Monthly Archives: August 2011


Bam..smack..crash.. whirl wind consuming my mind
boom..crack..swish..thunder bolt and it didnt miss
i wonder how, i ask myself why, i contemplate i ponder and space seems to hover without a smile..
too deep perhaps, one would say dramatic, perhaps not!
wack..splash…cry..a tear of a thousand locked up inside.. words seem to be my escape as i sit hear thinking of what i can relate..
why i write, who knows, one would say a release of what holds
tragedies come in 3, the final being the seam that snaps, breaks, tears, destroys one stance to crumbling golden specks that spread wide and round across a glimmering yet blank maze
so deep in the black hole, the earth spins a million spins and even then the bottom one would never know
heart beats fast and yet wont stop, body bent over with pain that cant cope
words words words the source of what makes the world go round
i have so much that it makes my head spin on a somewhat fluffy pink cloud
i want it to hear me to see me to watch me to grow with me
i want nothing
a smile that can break the winds that travel
a breath that can blow through all the seas
a look that can will anyone
but me….