Stencils by the beach..

After the 3 month hectic yet very stimulating performance a trip to a deserted beach side off the coast of Egypt – Sinai was well deserved!

A hut, beach and the calmness of the ocean was just what the doctor ordered.  Packed with a duffel bag of swim wear, tanning lotion, sleeping bags, torch lights and of course the company of a very talented stencil artist Mr. The Daily Take that had with him his beloved spray paint and cool stencil work..

4 days and 3 nights of sleep, sunshine and the aroma of spray paint here is the final result –

“Tango” name of the deserted resort!

Foot Stencil on the beach!

Bungalow tagging stencil…

And the hard core stenciling begins…



2 responses to “Stencils by the beach..

  1. Dear Laracid, this is what we take from life, the rest is agony….
    How to get to Tango from main sharm?


  2. hey! i went there, and saw the stencilling…. impressive!

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