It’s a wheat pasting journey….

Last night being the 15th March 2010 i went on a midnight adventure with a fabulous stencil artist and friend Camil Karam (you can check his blog out on thedailytake.wordpress).
The adventure took place throughout the dimmed and somewhat quiet streets of Amman.  The equipment we carried with us consisted of a tub of wheat paste ~ for those of you who dont know what it is, its basically made of hot&cold water mixed in with tahin boiled then mixed with sugar and thus forming a sticky and rather messy yellowy paste which does the following…sticks paper to walls with the appearance of it being drawn on!!! funky i say~ 2 large paint brushes and Camils very creative and insanely talented designs..his new brand of stenciling called “Oh No”…

My first attempt at wheat pasting a stencil…. i must say i got the hang of it pretty quick and thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Camil’s wall literally..

The stencil artist and his master piece

a joint effort of the new be and the teacher… as you can see one of my wheat pasting’s decided to take a plunge…

And the finale...”Oh No! Beware they’re watching you!”

However while pasting this one we found ourselves or rather Camil did educating a local who found the art work fascinating and happily told us to continue..

Hopefully he will be one of many admiring the new colours and stencils slowly but rapidly finding their way on lonely yet admirable walls…


3 responses to “It’s a wheat pasting journey….

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  2. Nice post! Is there a way I can contact the street artists behind this work? It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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