Strange Jordanian sign…

Words cannot describe the meaning of this sign… and to most Jordanians we still dont get it!!

So imagine our surprise when it appeared in a Swedish newspaper one day describing just that.. what do the Jordanians mean by “NO SLEEPING BY THE ROAD”… and i wish i had to answer..

At least it brings a smile of bewilderment to whom ever sees it.. should be in the guinness book of records for the strangest road sign ever…location ~ Aqaba/Jordan…

Gotta love ’em for it


One response to “Strange Jordanian sign…

  1. mabe it’s for the gaint trucks, elgallabat 😀
    they travel a long way and some times they stop on side of the raod to reast, i think it’s for them, l2nno ma nde ay tafseer tani la sho had 😀

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