Love In The Time of Intolerance

February 12th 2010

I will be performing a play reading written, directed and co-performing with and by my uncle Nadim Sawalha…

“Love in the Time of Intolerance”

Through reading his work i have started to grow fond of the Andalusian Poet Ibn Zaydun (died 1070) (Córdoba) and the love affair he became famous for with the poetess Princess Wallada…

As i will be reading the part of Princess Wallada, i find the love affair that occurred between them to be one of complete fairytale love…

The passion, the lyrical poems the devotion to one another has left my head spinning.. here’s a verse she uttered to Ibn Zaydun that depicts how strong the energy between them was –

“I fear for you, my beloved so much, that even my own sight even the ground you tread even the hours that pass threaten to snatch you away from me. Even if I were able to conceal you within the pupils of my eyes and hide you there until the Day of Judgment my fear would still not be allayed.”

And thus when the affair came to an end.. her bitter words shun through him and the heart ache he caused, leaving him with these words –

“If, as i so desire,
We two could again be made one,
That day would be the noblest
Of all days.
If this passing breeze
Would consent to carry me along,
It would put down at your feet
A man worn out by grief.”

And the story lives on….


2 responses to “Love In The Time of Intolerance

  1. Bidoon Sukkar بدون سكّر

    February 12th Where? Would like to see it!

  2. that night is mostly people my parents are inviting but if we do it again i shall def let you know.. xx

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