A Syrian Diary

Day 1 Syria- club cello/dancing/alone/center/crowded/neon lights flashing/ eyes closed – guy: wats your name? me: i dont know…guy: where are you from? me: everywhere…guy: your killing me!!! me: i’m leaving you…(he grabs) i push..he falls.. i smile/wave/and ciao…car/legs/laughs/bullsh*t talk.. video clips..”get in the car they’re staring”..food/more laughs and finally pass out…♥

Day 2 Syria- 10 am i wake/sleeping all around/my voice is loud/they wake up/3 teas 4 coffees/i feel like mama bear…8 turns/shower/clean/fresh…car convoy/paradise/food to feed a town/arak/strawberries and sugar…back/lost/church on a hill/spirituality/light candles/shoes off…

Back/kitchen/loud/more drinks/never have i ever/drive/mountains..i can see Syria..view/lights/amazing…club/dancing/alone again/everyone watching/tupac booming/arabic lyrics live playing…home/head spinning…CRASH♥

Day 3 Syria- 10 am wake up again/alone/this time 6 coffees 2 teas/dressed/packed/clean/4 bags of rubbish/empty bottles/luggage/car/drive..old city/Souq Hamadia/snap snap snap/…”your like a chinese tourist/peace/take a picture!!!!

Found the lingerie ♥ “birds tweeting/remote control/fluffy trimming..i bought 5 pairs/INSANE…crowds/people all around/lost/mosque/birds flying…beautiful scenery..walking/bag/taxi 1/taxi to Amman 2/4.5 hrs later/Amman..dark/hungry/chillen..reminiscing♥


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