Found again

Something i wrote a while ago –

Oh the plight of man
men are from Mars and women are from Venus
to some extent it fits
and the world goes round

Do they get thee?

Do we understand the visa versa
unstable form of the alpha?

or is the protagonist finger pointing swagger to blame?

the plotting conspiracy

you said this, she said that..

Does love really matter?

Lies, lies and more deceitful manner.
The advise that never took..

i told you so doesn’t seem to embrace.
The mistakes that so badly shook.

One mistake, two mistake, three

Did little piggy get to see
the big bad wolf that blew the house down on three.

how the entangled triangle
got so mangled amongst two souls
one will never know..
for to compare the two signs of
the beta and alpha
is an equation Einstein couldn’t form.

But for the art of life
is for one woman, one man to combine
to create the next generation of woeful stubborn alienations.

One Race
One Love
One Truth

The Truth that bestows the underlying belly
of the demons that want to provoke.


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