“Give as good as you get”

First it was one
Then it was two now its three
The four musketeers are we
If i tell all the stories, adventures
Rides we’ve been
The bestseller number one we’ll be

Dance, Dance, Dance

From the crazy little midget
To the ups and downs of Margret
Nancy and the four year old cubblet
I have changed and would not be the same
Rocking the middle east still playing the game

We’ve had our laughs, we’ve had our cries
We’ve even fought only for a little while
The age gap might be wide
But as for our souls we have combined

This poem is different from the latter
My insides arnt ripping from the clatter
Instead my friendships are gaining more matter!

The jazz is seeping through the floors
Of our dancing, wild imaginative claws
Beauty, fitness and health bestows our minuscule flaws

Rule the world for independence is mine
The beautiful is always bizarre
Let the banners spread like wild flower
We all aspire to be the next dreamer
For our sparkled personalities
Will become like Sapphire

Gems, jewels, uncut diamond rockafellas
Watch out
For the 4 daggers will fight you with menacing Glares
All glistening with the profound feeling
Of being the most fiery flares


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