The R.I.P marks the Grave

It was a short time
But time is all that counts
The friendship felt forever
The laughs still ring but are somber
Truth or dare?
Dare always seemed to be the answer
We are going to be the girls and boys that meet in between
You climbed so high you reached the sky
So proud you called your boys all around
Protect and serve show no fear
For you are my boys
The revering meander
That curbs to a heal
Your smiles still glow
Your wits still near
You might be in heaven
But your souls still here
We all say REST IN PEACE
Peace is where the heart is
No machine, gun, bomb will rain
As long as Des and Darrell
Are the shinning rays of the milky ways sparkling gems
Our love is with you forever
Our words will blow with the wind of time
The pain will heal
The memory will stay
The conflict will be
Therefore the misery shall pay
The lives that took
Let the world awake
For the R.I.P marks on the graves shall no longer
Bare the pain of the heart aches…
We as one shall overcome for the two souls of our loved ones
Compared to that of the world
Let it be known we all stand as ONE


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