The Weakness

To start from the beginning maybe a complex thing
To start from the now would make it a common transaction
Nerves and strangeness loomed and would have been forbidden

But the way of life that lingers amongst the foreign
Is something one has to surround themselves in
Weird, odd, in a way freakishly comforting
Words cannot describe the feeling of an emotion

But for 2 people living in a triangular theme song
The awkward bows of greeting
The intriguing eye goggling
The words that sometimes would not follow
Just the string of memories hollowed

Alike i can say in some way
Traditions follow that of the English heritage
The collectible items that stay hidden amongst the unit
Absolutely fabulous darling is a gift from our fellow cupid

The word EX to me sounds too foreboding
Not many go through such extreme introductions
Not many come out even smiling
But the air that hoovers seems to be kindling

Two worlds apart
With one thing in common
And to call it a thing may have been a contradiction
The fear of meeting is long gone
You could say its sailing across the ocean

For now the direction is misguiding
But for the future a friend sweetie darling is in the scheming
For me the new is fascinating
For you it could be eye opening

Speaking of the age there’s definitely a gap
Connection is where it makes a clap
Dispersing to other ends of the world
I with my fingers crossing
Am hoping to be on the map.


One response to “The Weakness

  1. you’re brave.. totally! respect to any direction you end up going to.. you’re brave..totally!

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