The Number Game

‘Allah U Akabar, Allah U Akbar, Bismillah Il Rahman Al Raheem’

Do the markings of Allah offend you?
Are these the cursed words of man?
Is it because you feel you are stronger?
Don’t answer the questions with a question

Is your soul so black and twisted that you have become blind?

Do the images on the wall not concur your soul?

Or are you so ignorant to know right from wrong?

The numbers are gaining..higher..higher..higher..
You think its funny
Bodies are lying, our blood is dripping
The worlds tears are flowing
Insanity rings in the ears of diplomacy
bomb, bomb, bomb
“You my young friend will serve”
“You my boys of the US of A”
Will die because i say
war War War

Have the words, yells, cries, screams
Not hit your feeble mind

Because you are white u think you are pure?

Purity has failed the DNA gene your body cannot prevail
White, black, brown, yellow

Do we disgrace thee?
For i one woman cannot find the answer to your cob webbed mind
Millions have fought thee, millions have belted to thee

Yet you seem to be marked with the vision of the axis of evil
So who will it be?

The middle east, Asia, Africa, Europe or the west indies???
For we are all different with secrets to hold

If we do not obeyed by thee
What will come of me
What will come of all of me

For i am not one
For if you could see
Your eyes will burn with the longing for grief

You feel proud to be a candidate, a ruler longing for peace?

I am the eyes of the beholder for you will never be.


2 responses to “The Number Game

  1. very gooooooood

  2. laracidinwonderland


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