Freedom Speaks Genocide

Poems seem to express the way i feel most the time.. expressing oneself can be difficult and in my case despite my writings…i never know how to say what i feel…
this poem was written one day when i was feeling low and in some ways it reflected me and in other ways what surrounds me!!!

im not looking for sympathy or woe is me, but read the words and you shall see…

You preach the words Allah
you praise the Mosque, the Church, the Buddhist temple
pray and ask for forgiveness
the sins that mount
the tongue that spits the verses
the once blue sky turned gray
cross, crescent aren’t they made of the same?
blood, sweat, bones
3 words of wisdom
3 words of controversy
warn away by man..
“don’t use gods name in vain”
but yet the mist beyond the hills still burn red
the devils colour
the colour that yells the flames higher
whats it all for?
Allah the great
the lucky number 7
or the firm belief that you might be right
there is no right, wrong, big, small
words are the mirage
the sensual dancer in the desert
the luring snake towards the apple
greed, gluttony, envy
all bad things in three
what did the mother tell thee
greed, gluttony, envy
the bane of your misery


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