So yes it has been a long time since ive written anything or shared my stories with my adoring fans…if i have any!!!

it is now 2008 and alot has happened since my last post..
where do i start..i love starting off my blogs with that line.. it always take me a while to remember everything ive done…SOOOOOOOOO

New Zealand was my last trip a good one but a bit of a pointless one let me explain

2 day flight – first week awsome – trashed partying – seeing the other side of the world- nxt 3 weeks – broke – fights – 1 day job – and finally


so now im bk in the dirty middle east, loosing weight, working in radio and having my own show…the “NEW DOCTOR LOVE OF JORDAN” ❤

Living life as much as one can in a society of 1 million, but soon i shall be in the air again jet setting to somewhere new and exciting as i always do.. because..



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