Talk talk talk….

Away from london.. this shud be the next title to a book… it sounds captivating dont you think?
what i want to do is write a little bit about my experience in the middle east for the past 5 months… away from the hustle and bustle of london town!

interesting…exciting..different…strange…homely..but not me!

i could be wrong, i could be right! always try a place once if you miss it go back to it.

im working, im making a name im surviving… im not the waitress serving the snobs of chelsea, i am the snob of chelsea being served by the middle east …

different class, different chase, different people, different race.

23 and i dont know wat im doen… where do i want to go? who do i want to be? famous? rich? successful… FUCK YA THATS ME!!!

18 and he got me like WOAAAHHHH.. 5 year gap i feel it..mmmmm.. not anymore!!! if u know me u know im not 23… bullshit talk right there for ya..

its hip hop.. argeelah smoke…and talk talk talk… is it for real????

wanna put my fingers thru your hair
wrap me up in yo legs
n luv u til ur eyes roll back
im tryna put u to bed bed bed ima put u to bed bed bed
then u can rock body
turn me over
love is war
ur my soldier
touchin me like its our first time
ima put u to bed bed bed
ima put u to bed bed bed

hooked on the wire, vodka, red paint… all day baby..

London town 08 bring it forward… the real life…




One response to “Talk talk talk….

  1. nothing like a babe with brains.

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