OK so its been a while!!!
lifes been hectic, first stuck in the desert chewing on sand and enjoying the shooting stars… sleeping 12 hours and still being tired…
second well, wait a sec, i dont think there is one!

however as always a trip to the dead sea seems to always make you feel better.. of course poping a pill at the same time, lifes a joy!!!!

Bk to Wihdat we go, madaba streeet.. damn!!!!!! look like a tramp and you wont get the whistles HAHAHAHA. you got arms legs and tits watever u look like, theyre stares will burn your clothes off

however having the tanks and army dudes around makes life a little easier. so if the stares arn’t really bothering me wat is??/


arms and face never been so dark such a nice colour too!! the rest of me : WHITE/SANDY

not the most attractive thing.
nxt trip:

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