A day in the life of a dust princess..

Buddha-bar volume 7 slowly playing to the mood of a saturday afternoon
DAY OFF?? not today and not for the next 3 months..

how would you describe AMMAN?

S – “a old modern city! i dont know.. youll find a roman ruin next to a high rise building.. shit! its like your favourite pair of jeans, no matter how ripped they are you can never throw them away.”

L – “high class vs lower class- now thats a deep conversation! mercedes S class, Hummers, BMW, 4×4- land rovers, range rovers, mercedes box rover, Porsche.. roaming the streets of a 6 million society city.”

its like a love hate relationship
“you know its so wrong but its the wrongness that keeps you”
A land of desert, technology, tribes, kings and queens, princes and princess.. no matter if not royalty, society will class you as a higher person because its what it is.
i tend to describe it as an egg – white being the poor side, the yellow the rich – sounds odd but true.
To see it you’ll beleive it.
Thats Amman, Thats Jordan, Thats The Middle East

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