Executive Producers turned to 3 angels


The Boss has left!!! 2 am flight to Santa Fe…
The office is empty.. wat do i think?? hmmm… I HAVE MY OWN DESK HAHAHA.

8.45 am start sandbag is actually empty except for the cat ‘Majnoona’ aka crazy.
10 am Set arrives hung over, feeling the same but just through lack of sleep..
12.30 pm…. ITS DRIVING TIME. amman rush hour.. however i seem to glide through it…

Honestly im getting better and better
day by day
Executive Producers office has turned into somewhat of a haven for men to come and take a look..
3 pretty girls sitting
pay rise??? SURE ill get that for you right away… YEAH RIGHT
17.oo hours and now its getting on a bit…. NEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD TO GET OUTTTTTTT!!!
but i still love it…..

2 responses to “Executive Producers turned to 3 angels

  1. ahah, ur days seem to be really busy like mine except u’re doing what u want but that’s fine i’m not 22, in two years time i’ll b in the business. `i woke up at 9.20 !! i’m a machine i couldn”t stay in bed. Fully awake. WTF ? Me who used to crash till 5pm rolled into the duvet. I’m impressing myself. Good thought cause i have plenty of time to do what i’ve to. i’m listening to Junior boys drinking coffee wearing Romain’s trousers. Oh my.. , just thinking about all the shit u guys left here makes me laugh. I’ll have to go through 4 tones of clothes when i’ll pack. keep in mind ‘the beautiful is always bizarre’ hun.. i’m looking for more letters design. really up for Bjork dvd cover style. Anyway, i’ll see priscilla tonite @ comadisco and i’ll ask her wot she can do as well. Jordan-London connexion ahah. Might be a nice thing to do. long distance tattoo.Oh by the way she dumped Alex last week end, that’s why we’ve been to boombox and Shrooms party. We’ve been drinking in a park in Hackney and we just wanted to carry on with him. Oh Shit, i tried to light a fag in the kitchen, looks like there’s no gas anymore. Lucky me i’m not working. =)u’re a little dwarf hidden in my pocket, keep posting comments, mails, whateve as i feel you around this way and it’s nice. OHHH lesliekilledmilton my skype username. Damn this is the best invention ever. we should book an hour to talk like you used u do on sundays with ur guts thingy. ahah I love you SO MUCH TOO MUCHL.

  2. Good words.

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