So this is day 3 of being an assistant and like i said totally and utterly ‘the devil wears prada’…
last night went for a business meeting and the late King Husseins Gentlement Club, felt very priviledged!

played pool with a 12 year old and lost 5-3.. can u feel the shame..oh it hurts..
my day is filled with making phone calls, doing birthday shoppings, and running around.. driving around maybe!!
But almost lost myself with car 2 days ago..stick shift WHY???? automatic all the way baby..

note to Leslie

tu me manques tellement
Je continue à penser à tout que nous avons fait et les souvenirs me font sourire..Ive été si occupé que je ne pense pas toujours son coup moi..
Tellement déjà est arrivé dans juste une semaine je ne sais pas où commencer .. haha
Souvenez-vous toujours que le bel est toujours bizarre..

i hope you understand that…

more of my day to day adventures to come…
Keep reading my day to day readers



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  1. i understood everything, how fucking comes u speak so well french? ahhh i’m impressed little Lara. don’t worry i come as often to ur blog as i go on the internet. keep reading what my crazy arabic gurl is doing on the other side. Everybody is packing at muscal house and to tell u the truth i can’t wait for it to be over as it’s really depressing. we are starting looking for flat on the web but next week we’ll do it seriously… including visits and stuff. works sucks as usual, more two double and i’m on week end. Shame u won’t be here again for comadisco. grRomain tried to call this morning and i thought it was my alarm clock so i fucking turned it off ahah what a moron i am. miss u a lot; love u a lot kissing u a lot. LesliO

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