Day 1..
i got the job i wanted!! working as PA for the executive producer on the film Hurt Locker.. im so excited i can hardly wait to start.
its going to be a tough one but im sure i can do it.. just think ‘The Devil Wears Prada’..oh yes! hard core. but hey its a first step into the movie business..

was up till 2 am calling LA, finding a GPS and blackberry.. hating the time difference! i think the law should change.. we should all be working at the same time.. wat do you think?

Day 2..
up at 8.30..before realising its 10 and im still sprawled across my bed.. dad shouting “LARA..wake the fuck up!!!!”..(maybe not the fuck bit but im sure he was thinking it)
got rehearsal in 5 minutes..SHIT!!! is all im thinking..

one hour later…. where the hell is everyone???
4 hours later..seriously go learn your lines..we have a show tomorrow…hahaha!!!

all i can say is…………… WELCOME TO JORDAN …………………

and yet the journey continues….


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