Captain Abu Raed

Camera, Rolling, Sound speed… ACTION!!!

The first Jordanian movie took its baby steps on the 21st May 2007. After 50 years the youngsters of the Jordanian community come up with a master piece.. Captain Abu Raed.
A story of an airport janitor whos dreams are way up in the sky and whos stories inspire those around him. a story that will be remembered for years to come, through its simplicity and beauty.
its talent combined with its direction is one of many yet to be filmed and discovered in the ruins of the capital.
its the beginning of something new to the Jordanian society, one which will open so many peoples hearts and eyes to the wonders of cinema.


2 responses to “Captain Abu Raed

  1. WOW!! those are some words of inspiration i never knew you had in you….lara i just wanted to say that you are beautiful and young and have a long career ahead of you, and i know that you will be successful in the future but not without some trobles ahead of you…you have matured greatly since w lived in england and i know you will mature some more. love you loads and wish the best for you.

  2. You are simply beautiful, amazing and extremely talented. i love you and wish you trully the bestAmira Owaynat

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